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Event Consultancy


    Our approach is highly collaborative and all about engagement.

    We work in partnership with our clients to deliver a personal, trusted and integrated event communication service. We are small enough to become part of your team, but have the experience and expertise to enable exciting things to happen.

    We would love to help you create an event that exceeds your audience’s expectations, in a way that they can’t help but be engaged.

    Event Consultancy


      Our design process starts by understanding why you want to communicate in the first place – what is it that you need to achieve?

      Keeping these outcomes in mind throughout the design and development stages keeps us all on track, enabling us to create compelling, strategic content that engages your audience, achieves your goals, and moves your business forward.

      Event Consultancy


        Great facilitation adds enormous value to any kind of event by creating a trusted relationship in which your speakers and audience can relax and focus on the content.

        More than that professional facilitation allows everyone to get more value from their time together – greater understanding and more engagement through a variety of treatments  including interviews, panels, Q&As, voting keypads, iPad systems, audience participation.

        Event Consultancy


          Whether your speakers need more clarity around their message, greater confidence, or help dealing with nerves we can support them.

          For those with more experience we can explore stage presence, non-verbal cues and communication, the use of silence, humour and emotion, leadership skills and stage craft.

          Our services will also enhance facilitation and Q&As, interviews and panel discussions, audience engagement, television interviews and pieces-to-camera.