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Minimising our impact on the environment

  • Hazel Burns
  • 2 November 2021

At Quadrant Events we have long considered the environmental impact of everything we do, the ethos behind how we operate our business, and how we can make positive change on all the decisions we make.

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint within our own operations and at our client’s events with initiatives such as:

  • Investing in the latest energy saving LED technology for office and event lighting and our data projectors.
  • Operating a paperless office, including a fully digital system with mobile PDA / scanners for the management of all equipment.
  • Using public transport where practical and having a team travel policy for roadshow events to reduce the number of vehicles in use.
  • Encouraging our clients to use digital signage at their events, and using recyclable products wherever possible.

Moving events to a circular economy

This should to be an evolving process of course and this Autumn, with a major focus on the environment at the COP26 conference, we have taken time to evaluate what further steps we can take in our desire to limit the impact of our business activities on the environment.

The first initiative is kicking-off a move to electric vehicles for all company car renewals, and we are pleased to announce the first of four EV’s have already been delivered. This will totally eliminate the tail pipe emissions of vehicles that were previously petrol or diesel and covered a combined total of 275,000 miles during their four year lease period. In 2022 we will go further, with additional electric vehicles including our first electric van which will be used to service our Birmingham city centre venue clients.

Our second major initiative was to look at how we can dramatically expand the recycling of surplus event materials, and having reviewed our suppliers recycling policies, we have secured an agreement with the highest environmental standards for the printing of our set graphics and large format prints.

But this is a huge industry wide problem, so we are delighted to announce that we are also partnering with Event Cycle to do something about it. This innovative business has been created to help event planners reduce waste and left-over items post event by repurposing, redistributing, or recycling materials with UK charities benefiting directly from this activity.

Initially we will be making two donations per year with Event Cycle collecting all surplus event materials and in particular the tensioned frame graphics, banners and furniture that we have produced for many of our clients events and exhibitions.

If you would like to know more about our work, and how we can make sure your event is as sustainable as possible, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

We'd love to hear from you.

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