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Audio Visual Hire Ranges

Webstreaming – Epiphan Pearl

The Epiphan Pearl is a state-of-the-art solution for recording and streaming up to four channels of HD quality video. This great system is perfect for combining live video and PowerPoint presentations into a single engaging video stream for live webcasting or hosting on a website post-event.

Features include:

  • Capture four sources at once with support for SDI, HDMI, DVI and VGA
  • Auto or custom configuration for bitrate, frame size, layouts, overlays and more
  • Stream your video locally or via the internet
  • Supports web browsers, media players, Smart TVs and set-top boxes
  • Up to four concurrent 1080p 30fps streams
  • Integrated touch screen monitor for live previews
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Interspace MasterCue

The MasterCue is the AV professionals first choice slide control system, featuring dual RF handsets and three configurable RF ports for connection of alternative presentations and back-up systems.

Interspace MicroCue

Presentation cueing system features dual USB ports for simultaneous cueing of multiple versions of a PowerPoint presentation.

Event Timing System

Our Interspace Event Timing system is the ideal product to help ensure that your multi-speaker conference runs tight to time, ensuring breaks, session allocation and finish all happen according to schedule. Our flight cased kit includes control system, one large and two smaller presenter displays.

Event Data Rack System

Custom-built rack system built to our own design. Each rack includes switching, distribution, slide control and video playback. These racks provide an easy to deploy solution for all standard events and the key components featured include:

  • Switching – Analogue Way Pulse
  • Video – Mini Mac with Playback Pro
  • Slide – Interspace Q Light Professional slide control
  • Monitoring – 19” Full HD monitor with preview
  • Signal – Distribution and signal conversion for XGA, DVI and HDMI
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DVI Fibre Cables

Kramer DVI to Fibre cables make transmitting DVI signals over long distances easy, maintaining full 1080P resolution. They are on drums and available in 50m or 100m lengths.

Analogue Way OPS200 High End Switcher

This high-end switcher is ideal for all larger events. The unit offers a mix of 11 analogue and digital inputs and allows up to three live sources to be displayed on screen at the same time. Also features keying and picture in picture options.

Kramer VP728 Switcher

A versatile switcher for use on events with multiple sources. Connect devices with any video, HDMI or XGA output and up-scale them to Full-HD for connection to your projector or display. The unit provides glitch free switching and is ideal for all smaller meetings and conferences.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad, available flight cased in boxes of up to 10.

Apple Mini Mac

Fully flight cased, Apple Mini Mac with accessories. Keynote and MS Office are both pre-loaded and the system includes Playback Pro.


Apple MacBook

Fully flight cased, Apple Mac Book with 13” screen and accessories. Keynote and MS Office are both pre-loaded.

General Laptop

Ideal for running networked training sessions we have a large fleet of laptops available, all pre-loaded with a full version of Microsoft Office. Networking hardware and printers are also available.


Windows Show Laptop

High Spec HP laptops that are ideal for use as a show playback machine, supporting both HD video playback and data resolutions up to 1080P. They come pre-loaded with a full version of Microsoft Office.

Playback Pro

Industry standard cueing and playback system. Our systems come complete on Apple computers with the Playback Pro hardware controller.

arKaos Studio Server

The arKaos Studio Server is a highly powerful and versatile media server system for projection mapping, edge blending and multi-channel video playback. Create stunning pixel mapped projection onto set panels, buildings, cars, or anything else you can think of!