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Audio Visual Hire Ranges

Ultra Wide Screens

We have a range of ultra wide format screen available with both flat and curved options. They are designed for large scale conferences and require an edge blended projection system using two or more projectors.

Tripod Screens

Our standard tripod screens are great for portable use or in small meeting rooms. They are suitable for front projection only and come in 5ft, 6ft or 8ft widths.

Fast-Fold screen

We stock a wide range of Fast-Fold Frame Projection Screens suitable for portable use, or building into a conference set. They all come with either front or rear projection surface.

Standard Sizes
1.8m x 1.2m (6ft x 4ft)
2.44m x 1.88m (8ft x 6ft)
3.05m x 2.29m (10ft x 7ft)
3.6m x 2.74m (12ft x 9ft)
4.27m x 3.2m (14ft x 10ft 6”)

Widescreen Sizes
2.74m x 1.57m (9ft x 5ft)
3.05m x 1.75m (10ft x 5.75ft)
3.66m x 2.1m (12ft x 6ft 11”)
4.27m x 2.44m (14ft x 8ft)

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