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Wellbeing Wednesday livestream for Rail Wellbeing Live

  • ClientRail Wellbeing Alliance
  • VenueOnline
  • TitleWellbeing Wednesdays

A most rewarding area of our work within the rail sector includes being the founding production partner for the Rail Wellbeing project, a major whole industry initiative to improve the health & wellbeing of employees within UK rail, which includes the annual Rail Wellbeing Live event.

A key element within this, that continues throughout the year, is the delivery of the Wellbeing Wednesday livestream on the first Wednesday of each month. This 30 minute livestream features a different topic each time and is accessed via their website (which we build as part of the overall project) and includes the ability for viewers to ask questions of the guest.

The livestream is produced using our qVirtual studio and includes live in-vision subtitling. It is available afterwards on-demand within a resource library where we include closed caption subtitles.

Alongside the Wellbeing Wednesday, we also produce a short ¬†‘Conversation Starter’ film based on the same monthly theme. We also make use of qVirtual for this element, recording the presenter remotely along with their presentation which we create beforehand.

The Conversation Starter also has closed caption subtitling and is hosted alongside the Wellbeing Wednesday as a resource available to anyone connected to the rail industry.

This project is a great example of the power of our qVirtual studios and how we create professional livestreams that can be used within any virtual event, but also embedded into a website, or recorded and used as on-demand content.

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