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Virtual Events

Uncompromising quality, delivered virtually

Attending an event virtually, rather than physically, does not have to be a compromise. Our qVirtual online event services provide you with professional virtual events that engage your delegates and help you stand-out from the crowd.

Experience is everything

Many think this is easy, it's really not! Our teams have built the very best solutions for any virtual conference, presentation, awards event or exhibition. It's not a one size fits all, but a range of options that deliver what you really need, really well.

Getting it right

Professional production is standard at Quadrant. For us, thinking about what you are hoping to achieve, what interactive features you may use, and choosing the most suitable delivery platform for your event, is absolutely key.

Our qVirtual Studios

qVirtual is the heart of the Quadrant virtual event production process. Our systems allow us to create professional livestreams for any event, along with our talented production team who'll help you make the most of everything available.

The steps to a great virtual event

There's a lot to consider when planning a virtual or hybrid event, here's some more information on the services we can offer you.

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