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Virtual events


    At Quadrant we live and breathe events, and in a world where it has become impossible to physically bring people together, we’ve rapidly evolved our thinking and ramped up the creativity to ensure we can continue to support your needs.

    ‘Virtual Events’ may be the new normal, but with such a vast array of platforms and solutions available, it can be extremely difficult to decide on the best way forward.

    Virtual events

      What's the difference?

      Attendee engagement is harder to maintain

      Users may find it difficult to maintain engagement remotely. Thought has to be given to ways to involve attendees in activities and networking.

      Importance of content is amplified

      Engaging content is imperative for an event to be successful, even more so when delivered virtually. It needs to be professional, thought-provoking and varied to keep attendee’s interest.

      Potential for higher attrition

      The barriers preventing a delegate attending an event are removed. Having an event available afterwards allows even more people to be involved.