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Seamless delivery for UKRC at Manchester Central

  • ClientUKRC
  • VenueBirmingham Metropole
  • TitleUK Radiology conference


UKRC is a 3-day annual congress for medical and imaging professionals, the largest of its kind in the UK. It attracts a large audience of up to 3,000 delegates and up to 200 speakers over those 3 days.

The main programme sessions are generally 1-2 hours long, and are made up of 8 different streams in 8 rooms running concurrently. In addition the Exhibition Hall offers a ‘satellite’ programme of sessions in two additional lecture theatres


  • Nearly all sessions over the 3-days run concurrently, requiring a high level of project management across all rooms and staff to ensure a cohesive and consistent AV provision.
  • Effective light, blackout management and technical support in all rooms to reduce light spill and achieve high quality images, whist ensuring delegates can see speakers and video footage is captured effectively in low light.
  • High quality, efficient, speaker presentation support and guidance in the lead up to the event, including integration of our voting software.
  • Professional and slick ‘Speaker preview’ and management process in place on the days of the event. (200 speakers visiting the ‘Speaker preview’ room over 3 days)
  • Latest equipment and software, providing standardised equipment/browsers across all laptops, software in rooms and ‘Speaker preview’ room.


Having won the pitch against other agencies, the Quadrant Team set to planning the equipment and man power required to ensure a seamless delivery for the UKRC at Manchester Central.

Managing the speaker preview requirements, in total we processed 245 presentations over the course of 3 days!

A team of 19 technicians, camera operators and project managers were assigned to the event so that Quadrant could provide;

  • AV equipment, screen and set for both of the main plenary areas
  • AV equipment, screen and mini sets for the lecture areas within the Exhibition Hall
  • A screen, projection and sound re-enforcement for each of the 9 breakout rooms which were networked to the speaker preview room
  • Voting key pads for the 9 breakout rooms to allow for interactive sessions
  • Six Internet kiosks in the exhibition area with the UKRC website as the home page, providing convenient spots for attendees to check their email accounts or surf the internet

Over the course of the 3 day event, the Quadrant Team ensured everything was filmed and displayed in HD. The footage from the main sessions was edited and uploaded to the UKRC website each evening allowing attendees to view sessions they attended and/or ones they hadn’t been able to make.

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