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Quadrant Events: Nurturing Talent for Long-Term Success

  • Abigail Mullen
  • 21 September 2023

A look into the world of apprenticeships at Quadrant Events

Quadrant Events places a strong emphasis on valuing its employees and providing diverse opportunities for professional growth, resulting in an impressive retention rate. Many employees proudly call Quadrant their professional home for a decade or more, underscoring the company’s commitment to career development.

As part of this commitment, ‘the Quadrant family’ seek out new talent from a wide range of areas to ensure we foster an inclusive environment from the outset. We proudly champion apprenticeships, working with local establishments including the charity SwitchUp, who ‘empower Nottingham’s young people, children and young adults to break the cycle of offending and reoffending’.Apprenticeships have become an increasingly popular route for individuals to gain valuable work experience while simultaneously earning qualifications. In a recent catch-up, I sat down with Jacob, our newly qualified apprentice at Quadrant, who shared his journey and experiences.

Actively seeking out the program through personal arrangements with a local training provider ProStart, Jacob started his apprenticeship in our Nottingham base with the hire and technical production teams in June last year.

Jacob explained his apprenticeship primarily involved hands-on work in various tasks in the operations team supporting the technical production team to deliver flawless events. He also remarked that the role is very versatile and offered him a glimpse into the diverse array of opportunities at Quadrant.

When asked about the initial goals of his apprenticeship, Jacob admitted that his primary objective was to navigate through the apprenticeship experience and gain exposure within the field of events, which was entirely new to him. This candid response underpins the significance of apprenticeships as a learning and exploration phase for many individuals.

Transitioning from his earlier experiences, Jacob spoke about adapting to the corporate environment, mentioning that he had to adjust to the fast-paced nature of his new role as he entered the company during a busy period. However, he added that he had grown accustomed to it over time and enjoyed the energetic environment.

Reflecting on his recent achievement, successfully completing his apprenticeship, he expressed a sense of accomplishment. The assessment process involved both written tests and on-site observations, which covered areas such as practical warehouse operations management, health and safety, as well as sustainable waste management.

The apprentice’s journey exemplifies the value of different opportunities in today’s educational and professional landscape, which Quadrant proudly support! The Quadrant Team are very happy to have Jacob officially onboard as a full-time member of staff and can’t wait to watch his long-term success within the company.

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