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Loughborough University Graduation

  • ClientLoughborough University
  • VenueLondon and Loughborough
  • TitleGraduation Ceremony

Event brief

Loughborough University is a leading UK institution and number 1 in the world for sports related subjects, so of course graduation ceremonies are a major event in the academic calendar. Over many years we have been tasked with providing additional AV facilities to enhance the experience.

Quadrant Technical Production

The events are held at both their London Campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and at their main campus in Loughborough, where their vast sports hall is transformed into graduation hall. This building already has some facilities designed in, so seating and PA system are in place ready.

Where we come in is to provide the additional facilities required for the audience to see what is happening, both on site and virtually.

We install two large LED screens, flown from truss, and these are fed with images from our professional event camera system, using a mixture of traditionally operated and remote hothead cameras, we mix live content with pre-recorded material to produce each ceremony.

These feeds are also encoded live and hosted for on-demand viewing via their website to an audience of thousands anywhere in the world.

Teamwork is the key to success with any event, and here our team come together with staff from the University to help produce a special day to remember in the life of every student.

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