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Chopstix Conference and Awards

  • ClientChopstix Noodle Bar
  • VenueAlton Towers
  • TitleChopstix Conference and Awards

Chopstix Noodles Conference, UK – “From our initial concept discussions to the final noodle award of the evening, they owned the project and steered us through it”said Rob Burns, the brands Marketing Director.

This summer, Quadrant Events delivered a spectacular conference for Chopstix, celebrating their success and sharing their future plans. The venue, Alton Towers Hotel, set the stage for an event that not only met but exceeded expectations, shining a spotlight on the brand’s phenomenal growth over the past year.

The Brief

  • Annual Conference and Awards: The annual conference and awards ceremony, would draw 150 to 200 delegates.
  • Entrance Wow Factor: The client wanted to make a strong first impression that embodied the essence of the Chopstix brand.
  • Lighting as a Key Feature: Lighting played a pivotal role in the design to create a variety of atmospheres throughout the event.
  • Awards Presentation: For the awards segment, follow-spot-lighting and live camera footage would be used to create an Oscars-like awards experience.


The Solution
The event’s design was a unique, tailor-made build for this special occasion. Our in-house creative and production teams got hands-on in creating this purpose-built staging magic! David Shapland, our 3D Set and Graphic Designer explained, “This project was a particular favourite of mine, we had the chance to take the concept of a shop fittingdesign and build it within a live event, to create something totally different!

The conference also featured a Chopstix-style catwalk, and our event management team provided essential support, handling rehearsals and show calling to ensure a seamless event.

Chopstick Conference Set Design by Quadrant Events
Chopstick Conference Set Design by Quadrant Events

The Chopstix Noodles Conference 2023 was an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The enchanting Alton Towers Resort welcomed guests with an air of anticipation. This year’s conference saw a significant increase in attendance, nearly doubling the numbers from previous years. This expansion allowed Chopstix to extend invitations to more suppliers and franchise partners, underscoring the brand’s impressive growth and the unwavering commitment of its founders, Sam and Menashe. Attendees couldn’t stop praising the sense of togetherness and belonging they felt, aligning perfectly with the company’s core values.

Chopstix had this to say about their successful event produced by Quadrant Events…
“This was only the second conference in the brands history but its quickly turned into an event that’s wildly anticipated within the businesssaid Rob Burns, the brands Marketing Director.

“The pressure was on to deliver something memorable so we really needed to partner with someone that could interpret our ideas and bring them to reality. Quadrant did just that! From our initial concept discussions to the final noodle award of the evening, they owned the project and steered us through it.

“At its core, Chopstix is, and always will be a family, and the team at Quadrant understood this immediately. They did us proud…and somehow delivered it within budget!”

The pinnacle of the event was the awards ceremony, which honoured exceptional individuals who played instrumental roles in the brand’s success. These awards recognised the consistent excellence and extraordinary efforts of those who contributed to the brand’s growth. Quadrant Events orchestrated a rapid transformation from the conference setup to the awards stage. The catwalk was removed, replaced by a 3D Awards logo and 3D stars. Lighting enhancements with robe-tetra lighting created various lighting states, taking the evening awards to new heights.

Chopstix Live Event photos

Quadrant Events were behind the scenes, showcasing how our production, creative solutions, event planning and operations teams come together to create a seamless event. The creative brief from Chopstix enabled the team to really think outside the box for this event and truly bring Chopstix vision to life, creating an unforgettable experience.


The Chopstix Noodles Conference 2023 was a triumph of event planning and execution. It served as a shining example of how a well-coordinated team can turn a vision into reality, leaving a lasting impression for all who attended.

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