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Creating Lasting Positive Impact for All: The Mortgage Advice Foundation and Quadrant Events

  • Abigail Mullen
  • 25 September 2023

Helping Families Build a Strong Foundation
At Quadrant Events, our passionate team believes that having great values is core, but putting those values into action is paramount. This is why we collaborate with several organisations that make life-changing differences to communities and individuals. One such organisation is the Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation, dedicated to empowering families and communities through financial education, housing assistance, and other fantastic projects that promote conservation, wellbeing, and poverty relief. Being proudly affiliated with their 500 Club, we join compassionate individuals and businesses who collectively share these common goals. 

The 500 Club: A Community of Compassion
The foundation was established with a vision to positively impact society by creating opportunities for vulnerable individuals and families and supporting local communities. Since its inception, Quadrant Events have been a dedicated member of the 500 Club that addresses various social and economic issues that impact housing and financial stability.  

Through a range of projects and initiatives, the foundation focuses on areas such as financial literacy, homelessness prevention, and support for families in need. By providing vital resources, education, and guidance, the Mortgage Advice Bureau Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for those facing challenging circumstances. 

The 500 Club is an extraordinary initiative designed to unite supporters who are committed to the foundation’s mission. The name “500 Club” signifies the goal of reaching a target of 500 like-minded members to ensure the sustainability and growth of the foundation’s impact. 

Membership in the 500 Club goes beyond merely being a financial contributor. It represents a commitment to make a tangible difference in the lives of families and communities in need.  

The Impact of the 500 Club
Being part of the 500 Club means Quadrant Events can support the lives of countless individuals and families. The projects involved include: 

  • Financial Literacy Programs: Educating individuals and families on managing finances, budgeting, and making informed decisions about homeownership. 
  • Housing Assistance: Providing support and resources to help vulnerable families find stable housing and prevent homelessness. 
  • Community Outreach: Supporting local community initiatives to foster a sense of belonging and create sustainable neighbourhoods. 
  • Employment Readiness: Assisting individuals in gaining skills and access to job opportunities, contributing to their financial stability. 
  • Advocacy: Raising awareness of housing and financial challenges and advocating for policy changes to create a more equitable society. 

At Quadrant Events we are dedicated to making a positive change today, creating lasting and meaningful impact for all. 

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